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North Valley


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The trauma a child endures -- and the pain he or she carries for the rest of their time on planet Earth -- watching a parent or loved one constantly indulge in abuse of a controlled substance is a significant syndrome it is estimated one in four American children are forced to live through.  Things like using trash receptacles for toilets, … Read more
I know that passing the budget increase for the Scottsdale Unified School District will positively impact our community.   All three of my kids attend Cherokee Elementary, and I’m pleased with the progress they’ve all made there, both academically and socially. The value of strong public education is something I fully understand and appreciate.  I’ve been a licensed Realtor here since 2005 … Read more
The Scottsdale brand is a powerful thing.  Tourism experts say the brand that is the city of Scottsdale is a billion-dollar industry that conjures up images of a mecca of opulence … Read more
The people who brought medical marijuana to Arizona four years ago now want marijuana legal for everyone over the age of 21.  The Marijuana Policy Project has filed paperwork with state … Read more